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# Name # Level #Kind #Type
1 Koromon In-Training Micro Digimon -
2 Tsunomon In-Training Micro Digimon -
3 Yokomon In-Training Micro Digimon -
4 Motimon In-Training Micro Digimon -
5 Tanemon In-Training Micro Digimon -
6 Bukamon In-Training Micro Digimon -
7 Tokomon In-Training Micro Digimon -
8 Agumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Vaccine
9 Gabumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Data
10 Biyomon Rookie Bird Digimon Vaccine
11 Tentomon Rookie Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
12 Palmon Rookie Vegetation Digimon Data
13 Gomamon Rookie Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
14 Patamon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
15 Kuwagamon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
16 Greymon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine
17 Shellmon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data
18 Garurumon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
19 Seadramon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data
20 Monochromon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Data
21 Birdramon Champion Bird Digimon Vaccine
22 Meramon Champion Fire Digimon Data
23 Kabuterimon Champion Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
24 Andromon Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine
25 Togemon Champion Vegetation Digimon Data
26 Numemon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
27 Monzaemon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Vaccine
28 Ikkakumon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
29 Unimon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
30 Leomon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
31 Ogremon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
32 Devimon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
33 Frigimon Champion Icy Digimon Vaccine
34 Mojyamon Champion Rare Animal Digimon Vaccine
35 Sukamon Champion Mutant Digimon Virus
36 Centarumon Champion Animal Digimon Data
37 Bakemon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus
38 Elecmon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
39 Botamon Fresh Micro Digimon -
40 Punimon Fresh Micro Digimon -
41 Poyomon Fresh Micro Digimon -
42 Yuramon Fresh Micro Digimon -
43 Angemon Champion Angel Digimon Vaccine
44 Whamon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
45 Drimogemon Champion Animal Digimon Data
46 Etemon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Virus
47 Gazimon Rookie Mammal Digimon Virus
48 Pagumon In-Training Micro Digimon -
49 SkullGreymon Ultimate Skeleton Digimon Virus
50 Kokatorimon Champion Bird Digimon Data
51 Tyrannomon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Data
52 Piximon Ultimate Pixie Digimon Data
53 Datamon Ultimate Machine Digimon Virus
54 MetalGreymon Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine
55 DemiDevimon Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
56 WereGarurumon Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
57 Digitamamon Ultimate Perfect Digimon Data
58 Vegiemon Champion Vegetation Digimon Virus
59 Myotismon Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
60 Vademon Ultimate Alien Digimon Virus
61 Pabumon Fresh Micro Digimon -
62 Gekomon Champion Amphibian Digimon Virus
63 Otamamon Rookie Amphibian Digimon Virus
64 ShogunGekomon Ultimate Amphibian Digimon Virus
65 Garudamon Ultimate Bird Digimon Vaccine
66 Flymon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
67 Gatomon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
68 Nanimon Champion Invader Digimon Virus
69 Devidramon Champion Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
70 Dokugumon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
71 Mammothmon Ultimate Ancient Animal Digimon Vaccine
72 Gesomon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
73 Raremon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus
74 SkullMeramon Ultimate Fire Digimon Data
75 Wizardmon Champion Wizard Digimon Data
76 Pumpkinmon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Data
77 Gotsumon Rookie Rock Digimon Data
78 Lillymon Ultimate Pixie Digimon Data
79 Phantomon Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
80 DarkTyrannomon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
81 Gizamon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
82 Zudomon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
83 MegaSeadramon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Data
84 Angewomon Ultimate Angel Digimon Vaccine
85 Tuskmon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
86 Snimon Champion Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
87 MegaKabuterimon Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
88 MagnaAngemon Ultimate Angel Digimon Vaccine
89 VenomMyotismon Mega Evil Digimon Virus
90 WarGreymon Mega Dragon Digimon Vaccine
91 MetalGarurumon Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
92 Nyaromon In-Training Micro Digimon -
93 Salamon Rookie Mammal Digimon Vaccine
94 Parrotmon Ultimate Bird Digimon Vaccine
95 Chuumon Champion Animal Digimon Virus
96 MetalSeadramon Mega Android Digimon Data
97 Machinedramon Mega Android Digimon Virus
98 Piedmon Mega Evil Digimon Virus
99 Puppetmon Mega Puppet Digimon Virus
100 Scorpiomon Ultimate Crustacean Digimon Data
101 Divermon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Data
102 Kiwimon Champion Ancient Bird Digimon Data
103 Mushroomon Rookie Vegitation Digimon Virus
104 Blossomon Ultimate Vegitation Digimon Data
105 Floramon Rookie Vegitation Digimon Data
106 Deramon Ultimate Bird Digimon Data
107 Cherrymon Ultimate Vegitation Digimon Virus
108 Garbagemon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Virus
109 MetalEtemon Mega Android Digimon Virus
110 SaberLeomon Mega Ancient Animal Digimon Data
111 RedVegiemon Champion Vegitation Digimon Virus
112 Mekanorimon Champion Machine Digimon Virus
113 Tankmon Champion Android Digimon Data
114 Hagurumon Rookie Machine Digimon Virus
115 WaruMonzaemon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Virus
116 LadyDevimon Ultimate Evil Digimon Virus
117 Vilemon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
118 Apocalymon Unidentified Unidentified Unidentified
119 Kunemon Rookie Larva Digimon Virus
120 Musyamon Champion Wizard Digimon Virus
121 Kimeramon Ultimate Composition Digimon Data
122 Rockmon/Golemon Champion Rock Digimon Virus
123 Tortomon Champion Reptile Digimon Vaccine
124 Starmon Champion Mutant Digimon Data
125 Triceramon Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Data
126 Okuwamon Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Virus
127 HerculesKabuterimon Mega Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
128 Dolphmon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
129 Coelamon Champion Ancient Fish Digimon Data
130 Octomon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
131 MarineDevimon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Virus
132 Pukumon Mega Mutant Digimon Virus
133 Candlemon Rookie Fire Digimon Data
134 Apemon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
135 Kokuwamon Rookie Machine Digimon Data
136 IceDevimon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
137 Deputymon Champion Mutant Digimon Vaccine
138 Preciomon Mega Dragon Digimon Data
139 BigMamemon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
140 Megadramon Ultimate Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
141 Panjyamon Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
142 BlueMeramon Ultimate Fire Digimon Data
143 Magnadramon Mega Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
144 Ebidramon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data
145 Gorillamon Champion Animal Digimon Data
146 Minotarumon Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
147 Roachmon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
148 Asuramon Ultimate Wizard Digimon Vaccine
149 Jagamon Ultimate Vegitation Digimon Vaccine
150 Crabmon Rookie Crustacean Digimon Data
151 Syakomon Rookie Crustacean Digimon Virus
152 Dragomon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Virus
153 MarineAngemon Mega Pixie Digimon Vaccine
154 Tapirmon Rookie Animal Digimon Vaccine
155 SkullMammothmon Mega Ghost Digimon Vaccine
156 Boltmon Mega Android Digimon Data
157 Mamemon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
158 MetalMamemon Ultimate Android Digimon Data
159 Giromon Ultimate Machine Digimon Vaccine
160 ExTyrannomon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Vaccine
161 Deltamon Champion Composition Digimon Virus
162 Cyclonemon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
163 Veedramon Champion Mythical Digimon Vaccine
164 Woodmon Champion Vegitation Digimon Virus
165 AeroVeedramon Ultimate Holy Dragon Digimon Vaccine
166 Fugamon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
167 J-Mojyamon Champion Rare Animal Digimon Data
168 Phoenixmon Mega Animal Digimon Vaccine
169 Gryphonmon Mega Mythical Animal Digimon Data
170 ToyAgumon Rookie Puppet Digimon Vaccine
171 Betamon Rookie Amphibian Digimon Virus
172 Clockmon Champion Machine Digimon Data
173 Gardromon Champion Machine Digimon Virus
174 Knightmon Ultimate Warrior Digimon Data
175 Penguinmon Rookie Bird Digimon Vaccine
176 Dokunemon Rookie Larva Digimon Virus
177 PlatinumSukamon Champion Mutant Digimon Virus
178 Psychemon Rookie Reptile Digimon Data
179 Gururumon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
180 MoriShellmon Champion Mollusk Digimon Data
181 Tsukaimon Rookie Mammal Digimon Virus
182 Ninjamon Champion Mutant Digimon Vaccine
183 ModokiBetamon Rookie Amphibian Digimon Data
184 Saberdramon Champion Bird Digimon Vaccine
185 SnowAgumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Vaccine
186 Aururumon Champion Bird Digimon Virus
187 Icemon Champion Icy Digimon Data
188 NiseDrimogemon Champion Animal Digimon Data
189 Airdramon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
190 MetalTyrannomon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
191 Akatorimon Champion Bird Digimon Data
192 MudFrigimon Champion Mutant Digimon Data
193 Geremon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
194 Vermilimon Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Data
195 Meteormon Ultimate Rock Digimon Data
196 WaruSeadramon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Virus
197 Jijimon Mega Ancient Digimon Vaccine
198 Babamon Mega Ancient Digimon Vaccine
199 ClearAgumon Rookie Puppet Digimon Vaccine
200 Flarerizamon Champion Fire Digimon Data
201 Goburimon Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
202 Thundermon Champion Mutant Digimon Data
203 ShellNumemon Champion Crustacean Digimon Virus
204 Muchomon Rookie Bird Digimon Data
205 SnowGoburimon Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
206 Keramon Rookie Unidentified Unidentified
207 Zassomon Champion Vegetation Digimon Virus
208 Yanmamon Champion Insectoid Digimon Data
209 Sharmamon Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
210 Goldramon Mega Holy Dragon Digimon Vaccine
211 SandYanmamon Champion Insectoid Digimon Data
212 ShimaUnimon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
213 Soulmon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus
214 Rosemon Mega Pixie Digimon Data
215 MasterTyrannomon Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine
216 Darkrizamon Champion Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
217 Hyogamon Champion Icy Digimon Virus
218 Piddomon Champion Angel Digimon Vaccine
219 Brachiomon Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Data
220 Gigadramon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
221 Tekkamon Ultimate Machine Digimon Virus
222 Cyberdramon Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine
223 SkullSatanmon Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
224 Millenniummon Mega Composition Digimon Virus
225 Kurisarimon Champion Unidentified Unidentified
226 Creepymon/Daemon Mega Evil Digimon Virus
227 KingEtemon Mega Puppet Digimon Virus
228 Chibomon Fresh Micro Digimon -
229 Pururumon Fresh Micro Digimon -
230 Tsubumon Fresh Micro Digimon -
231 DemiVeemon In-Training Micro Digimon -
232 Poromon In-Training Micro Digimon -
233 Upamon In-Training Micro Digimon -
234 Veemon Rookie Dragon Digimon Vaccine
235 Hawkmon Rookie Bird Digimon Data
236 Armadillomon Rookie Mammal Digimon Vaccine
237 Wormmon Rookie Larva Digimon Virus
238 Flamedramon Armor Dragon Digimon Vaccine
239 Raidramon Armor Animal Digimon Vaccine
240 Magnamon Armor Warrior Digimon Vaccine
241 Sethmon Armor Dark Animal Digimon Vaccine
242 Yasyamon Armor Wizard Digimon Vaccine
243 Honeybeemon Armor Insectoid Digimon Data
244 Depthmon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Data
245 Sagittarimon Armor Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
246 Gargoylemon Armor Dark Animal Digimon Virus
247 Kangaroomon Armor Mammal Digimon Unidentified
248 Allomon Armor Dinosaur Digimon Unidentified
249 Rinkmon Armor Mutant Digimon Unidentified
250 Peacockmon Armor Bird Digimon Unidentified
251 Halsemon Armor Holy Beast Digimon Data
252 Shurimon Armor Mutant Digimon Data
253 Flybeemon Armor Insectoid Digimon Unidentified
254 Orcamon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Unidentified
255 Moosemon Armor Ancient Animal Digimon Unidentified
256 Harpymon Armor Mythical Animal Digimon Unidentified
257 Tocanmon Armor Bird Digimon Unidentified
258 Boarmon Armor Mammal Digimon Unidentified
259 Sepikmon Armor Wizard Digimon Unidentified
260 Elephantmon Armor Android Digimon Unidentified
261 Pteramon Armor Dinosaur Digimon Unidentified
262 Frogmon Armor Mutant Digimon Unidentified
263 Digmon Armor Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
264 Submarimon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
265 Sheepmon Armor Mammal Digimon Unidentified
266 Seahomon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Unidentified
267 Chameleonmon Armor Reptile Digimon Unidentified
268 Shadramon Armor Insectoid Digimon Virus
269 Togemogumon Armor Mammal Digimon Virus
270 Kongoumon Armor Insectoid Digimon Data
271 Aurumon Armor Bird Digimon Virus
272 Nohemon Armor Puppet Digimon Virus
273 Searchmon Armor Insectoid Digimon Data
274 Archelomon Armor Reptile Digimon Data
275 Bullmon Armor Mammal Digimon Vaccine
276 Quetzalmon Armor Mythical Animal Digimon Unidentified
277 Bucchiemon Armor Pixie Digimon Unidentified
278 Baronmon Armor Wizard Digimon Unidentified
279 Stegomon Armor Dinosaur Digimon Unidentified
280 Rhinomon Armor Mammal Digimon Unidentified
281 Pipismon Armor Mutant Digimon Unidentified
282 Ponchomon Armor Ghost Digimon Unidentified
283 Mothmon Armor Insectoid Digimon Unidentified
284 Mantaraymon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Unidentified
285 Pegasusmon Armor Holy Beast Digimon Vaccine
286 Manbomon Armor Mutant Digimon Unidentified
287 Prairiemon Armor Animal Digimon Unidentified
288 Lynxmon Armor Animal Digimon Unidentified
289 Rabbitmon Armor Mammal Digimon Unidentified
290 Maildramon Armor Android Digimon Unidentified
291 Swanmon Armor Bird Digimon Unidentified
292 Kabukimon Armor Mutant Digimon Unidentified
293 Butterflymon Armor Insectoid Digimon Unidentified
294 Tylomon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Unidentified
295 Goatmon Armor Mammal Digimon Unidentified
296 Nefertimon Armor Holy Beast Digimon Vaccine
297 Opossumon Armor Animal Digimon Unidentified
298 ExVeemon Champion Mythical Dragon Digimon Vaccine
299 Stingmon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
300 Aquilamon Champion Bird Digimon Data
301 Ankylomon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine
302 Paildramon Ultimate Dragon Digimon Data
303 DinoBeemon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Virus
304 Silphymon Ultimate Bird Digimon Data
305 Shakkoumon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Unidentified
306 Imperialdramon(Fighter/Dragon) Mega Dragon Digimon Vaccine
307 GranKuwagamon Mega Insectoid Digimon Virus
308 Valkyrimon Mega Warrior Digimon Vaccine
309 Vikemon Mega Beast Man Digimon Vaccine
310 Seraphimon Mega Angel Digimon Vaccine
311 BlackWarGreymon Mega Dragon Digimon Virus
312 Ghoulmon Mega Evil Digimon Virus
313 Eaglemon Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
314 Lampmon Mega Wizard Digimon Unidentified
315 Ebemon Mega Android Digimon Virus
316 Zanbamon Mega Wizard Digimon Unidentified
317 HiAndromon Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
318 Devitamamon Mega Mutant Digimon Virus
319 Pharaohmon Mega Wizard Digimon Unidentified
320 Ebonwumon Mega Bird Digimon Unidentified
321 Zhuqiaomon Mega Animal Digimon Unidentified
322 Azulongmon Mega Holy Dragon Digimon Unidentified
323 Baihumon Mega Animal Digimon Unidentified
324 Arukenimon Ultimate Insectiod Digimon Virus
325 Mummymon Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
326 Mokumon In-Training Micro Digimon -
327 Kuramon Fresh Micro Digimon -
328 Tsumemon In-Training Micro Digimon -
329 Infermon Ultimate Unidentified Unidentified
330 Diaboromon Mega Unidentified Unidentified
331 Omnimon Mega Warrior Digimon Vaccine
332 Kokomon In-Training Micro Digimon -
333 Lopmon Rookie Animal Digimon Data
334 Endigomon Champion Animal Digimon Virus
335 Antylamon Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
336 Kerpymon Mega Angel Digimon Vaccine
337 Gummymon In-Training Micro Digimon -
338 Terriermon Rookie Animal Digimon Data
339 Gargomon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
340 Rapidmon Armor/Ultimate Warrior Digimon Vaccine
341 Leafmon Fresh Micro Digimon -
342 Minomon In-Training Micro Digimon -
343 SnowBotamon Fresh Micro Digimon -
344 Kapurimon In-Training Micro Digimon -
345 Zurumon Fresh Micro Digimon -
346 Choromon Fresh Micro Digimon -
347 Nyokimon Fresh Micro Digimon -
348 Pichimon Fresh Micro Digimon -
349 DemiMeramon In-Training Micro Digimon -
350 Conomon Fresh Micro Digimon -
351 Zerimon In-Training Micro Digimon -
352 ??? ??? ??? ???
353 MaloMyotismon Mega Evil Digimon Virus
354 ??? ??? ??? ???
355 ??? ??? ??? ???
356 ??? ??? ??? ???
357 ??? ??? ??? ???
358 ??? ??? ??? ???
359 ??? ??? ??? ???
360 Guilmon Rookie Dinosaur Digimon Virus
361 Renamon Rookie Beast Man Digimon Data
362 Growlmon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
363 Kyubimon Champion Bewitching Beast Digimon Data
364 WarGrowlmon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
365 Taomon Ultimate Demon Digimon Data
??? Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Mega Ancient Warrior Digimon Vaccine
??? Datirimon In-Training Micro Digimon -
??? Impmon Rookie Small Demon Digimon Virus
??? MoonMilleniumon Mega Evil God Digimon Virus
??? Orochimon Ultimate Demon Dragon Digimon Virus
??? PrinceMamemon Mega Mutant Digimon Data
??? Sorcerymon Champion Demon Man Digimon Vaccine
??? Solarmon Rookie Machine Digimon Vaccine
??? SuperStarmon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
??? Volcamon Ultimate Cyborg Digimon Data
??? Viximon In-Training Micro Digimon -
??? Gigimon In-Training Micro Digimon -
??? Culumon In-Training Micro Digimon -
??? Sakuyamon Mega Wizard Digimon Data
??? Dukemon Mega Holy Knight Digimon Virus
??? BlackGrowmon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
??? BlackMegaloGrowmon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
??? BlackGatomon Champion Animal Digimon Virus
??? Armagemon Mega Evil Digimon Virus
??? Bombernanimon Ultimate Invader Digimon Virus
??? Dogmon Champion Puppet Digimon Data
??? GoldVeedramon Armor Rare Digimon Vaccine
??? ZeroVeedramon Champion Legendary Dragon Digimon Vaccine
??? ZeroAeroVeedramon Ultimate Holy Dragon Digimon Vaccine
??? WhamonUltimate Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
??? BlackGreymon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
??? BlackMetalGreymon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
??? BlackGabumon Rookie Animal Digimon Virus
??? BlackGarurumon Champion Animal Digimon Virus
??? BlackWereGarurumon Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
??? BlackMetalGarurumon Mega Android Digimon Virus
??? BlackAgumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Virus
??? BlackToyAgumon Rookie Puppet Digimon Virus