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Welcome To My Digimon Page

In this site you will find pictures of Digimon and some information.

Im not finish with the site, so see that you want to see, and come back later to see if anything have changed

Here are the digimon's that i have adopted:

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Here is my favourite character, Izzy. ( this picture is from season 2)

You must click on this link....its the best Zelda site on the whole net!!

Adventure's of Zelda

Digimon Tamers HQ

Digimon Lab




What's New?

Updates: i wont write all the updates here, so if you want to see what's new you gotta find it out for your selfe( sorry) But i will update this site somtimes, but i wont write them all...
17/1-02: Wow, it's almots scary to enter this site again, well im working on some drawings, so i won't update the site yet...but so you ppl out there still alive

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